10 Days Winchester (Creative Collisions 2013]

A bench in the triforium of Winchester cathedral became a listening post for people to rest awhile and ‘listen attentively’. The listener became the artist. No technology was used. Alwyn Marriage, poet in residence for 10 Days, collaborated with Susan Wood and her poem, which was part of the cathedral poetry trail, gave a sensitive insight into this transient installation designed to promote an awareness of reality, the inner self and the innate poetry of the awesome architectural space. An artist’s book, Listen An Open Score, containing a handwritten letter, a soundscape of the cathedral, the poem, drawings and colour compositions made from tissue paper, an ephemeral material, placed alongside the bench reinforced the invitation to sit and listen.The colours used in the soundscape were selected carefully as the letter explains; ‘....for me greens suggest tranquillity, a release from the pressures of technology and the pace of modern life which enables an engagement with reality, a renewal of personal energies. Pink suggests warmth, sincerity, a feeling of calm and white suggests reflection, space for creativity, openness.’ The artist participated in an evening of Poetic Interaction [ performance, poetry readings and interviews with artists] in the Epiphany Chapel.