Shalom A Musical Vigil [2014]

On the evening of January 27th 2014, International Jewish Holocaust Day, four artists responded to Space For Peace, a musical vigil for peace in Winchester Cathedral. Susan Wood explored the interface between sound, colour and drawing. Whilst she listened, looked and made notes a small, unobtrusive recorder - an objective observer - was perched on a tripod at her side. Extracts from this recording inform her aural drawing in which sombre colours and sharp lines reference the starkness of the concentration camps. Meanwhile text and images interact to create the ambience of the evening and the music which filled the cathedral.The singing was haunting yet at the same time joyous and colourful. There was a strong feeling of togetherness. The book of artwork she created from this experience was displayed in Winchester Cathedral during Space For Peace on International Jewish Holocaust Memorial Day on January 27th 2015.