The Chalk Escarpment (2014 - 2015)

In April 2014 came opportunity to move into a studio in The Yard Studios in Winchester where it would be possible to experiment and work in different ways. The February storm of 2014 had exposed the chalk face and on a warm, sunny April morning Susan Wood started to try to understand the complex elements of its construction. This initial graphite drawing led to a fascination with the overall structure of the cliff face and the diverse smaller architectural structures within it. A series of drawings is emerging as she accepts the challenge of portraying its linear quality with its fragile solidity using primarily charcoal, chalk, water soluble crayons and pencils. These tactile, immediate mediums enable her to work spontaneously on a variety of papers. Several of the earlier drawings were shown in her studio along with her aural drawings and colour explorations when The Yard Studios were open during Hampshire Art Week in August 2014. She is intrigued by the changing colour of the chalk face as algae creeps over it and by the constant change in its format as fragments frequently drop off trickling and tumbling down when drawing is in progress. It is like working with a living being. The drawings evolve as understanding of the chalk escarpmentā€™s anatomy increases. With her aural sketches, they form a personal interpretation and documentation of the site.