Contemporary Energies. A triptych (2012)

This triptych, an audio drawing and two books, engages with the six energy points of the Winchester Ley Line perceived to run from Tidbury Hill, through South Wonston Long Barrow, St. Bartholomewʼs Church, Hyde Gate and Winchester Cathedral to St. Catherineʼs Hill. It stems from a series of encounters with the voice and personality of each location. Woven together in an audio drawing they form a fabric which shows the dominance of the urban - traffic, planes, busyness - whilst at the same time revealing an underlying humanity and the power of nature - wind, rain, birdsong. The books hold the artistʼs graphic responses and reflections. One presents facsimiles of sketches made on site using aquarelle and pastel pencils on marker paper, textual drawings and remappings on tracing paper. The other contains two holographs, Song of The Line and Along The Line, Fragments from an Archive. In its exploration of contemporary energies this piece draws on reality whilst opening opportunity for imagination. It was created for the Harp/Hyde exhibition Leylines in St. Bartholomewʼs Church and Hyde Gate and Chamber.